A Conference Interpreter Offers Insights About Inherent Language Skills

Ewandro Magalhaes

I am thrilled  to introduce a friend and well known conference interpreter who will be an occasional, hopefully regular contributor to Musings. His writing is delightful because it is anecdotal and  entertaining as well as informative.  I know that you will recognize the value in it.  His perspective from the conference angle of a professional working outside of the U.S. will serve to round out our appreciation of  the current status of our industry. Enjoy…

Ewandro Magalhães is a seasoned conference interpreter, author and interpreter trainer. He holds a Master’s in Conference Interpretation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and is a former contractor with the U.S. Department of State, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Organization of American States and several other international organizations. He is the author of Sua Majestade, o Intérprete – o fascinante mundo da tradução simultânea (Parábola Editorial, São Paulo) and an active member of TAALS. A national of Brazil, he has worked in four continents and now lives with his family in Geneva, Switzerland, following his appointment last year as Chief Interpreter of the International Telecommunication Union, the UN agency for ICTs. Ewandro is a gifted writer and presenter with a passion for learning and disseminating knowledge.

As an intro to his post:
Think bilinguals have a natural edge in interpreting? Well, think again. In a recent article featured in the ATA Chronicle (May 2011), Ewandro Magalhães explores how the virtues or limitations of our languages configure and discipline our way of thinking and how we function as interpreters. Beware! What you know may be working against you in the booth. Click here to learn why!

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Disruptive Connector, Senior UN Staff, former Chief Interpreter (ITU), Author, Blogger, Mentor

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  1. Thanks,I think this is better topic for me. I get some benifit by this topic. You can’t go anywhere without some type of stimulus coming at you but it’s effective. To requried atopics, It is also so much important for us.

  2. lissett samaniego

    Excellent article by Ewandro Magalhaes. Thank you for sharing this. This is as true in interpreting as in any other profession. Nature (genetics) can give you great advantages. However, it is hugely overrated. In my humble opinion, there is no substitute for hard work, diligence and practice, practice, practice when it comes to improving your interpreting performance. This is the Nurture part of the equation. I would wager that nurture wins most of the time.

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