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FIT 2011 on Interpreting

Designer Galliano Says He Can’t Recall Speaking Slurs –

Designer Galliano Says He Can’t Recall Speaking Slurs –

This is what caused it:   The upshot: Court Case

We complain when qualified/certified interpreters are not used to interpret in U.S. courts but this is happening all over the world.  How surprising is it that at the  high profile case of John Galliano in Paris, the interpreter used seems to have been incompetent? (Because you never know how what really happened was interpreted by the news).

It will be interesting to see if Mr. Galliano’s experience with an interpreter will be discussed at the FIT (International Federation of Translators)  International Forum on Ethics and Good Practices in  Paris this summer.

Canadian Colleagues Emphasize Professional Associations

It’s encouraging to note that around the world, interpreters and translators have established standards for the T&I profession and are joining associations that uphold these standards and differentiate their members.  I am excited about meeting colleagues from around the world at the F.I.T. Congress in San Francisco in August.

ALC 2011 Roundtable: Quality Control for Interpreters

ALC 2011 Roundtable: Quality Control for Interpreters.

It is interesting to see how several agencies in the US are experiencing the same  issues I run across.  We always tend to think we are special and like no one else. I wonder how many of our colleagues in other parts of the world are having these same discussions?  I suppose it all depends on the level of market saturation and maturity in different venues.

I’ll have to ask the opinions of  linguists at FIT in August.   BTW, today is the last day for early-bird registration fees!

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